Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering Program in Electrical Engineering

(Communication Engineering - English Program)

(Program Structure , Course Plan, Course description )

Under the Thailand 4.0 model, a new economic paradigm is shifted towards innovation driven by upgrading technology, improving creativity, and researching new innovation. The information and communication technologies become important foundations for emerging technologies to transform into a new innovation-driven era of the Fourth industrial revolution. The communication Engineering Program at Kasetsart University emphasizes not only on teaching advanced information and communication knowledge but also cultivating students’ innovative skills to prepare them for careers in today’s and future telecommunications sector. The program suits students who are enthusiastic about the emerging technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT),  Smart antennas, Biometric systems, Remote sensing, Machine learning, Blockchain, Smart city and much more which allows students to gain deep knowledge for solving technical problems in research and application.

The communication Engineering Program at Kasetsart University is an English program. In addition, students enrolled in this program obtain practical training from various laboratory courses such as electric circuit and electronic lab, electrical machine, electrical safety, communication architecture and devices, and communication systems and networks. It is important to note that graduates from this program are eligible to apply for the regulated engineering profession license associated with telecommunication engineering issued by the Council of Engineers, Thailand (COE).



To complete the program, students are required to pass a minimum of 142 credits. Students also have 2 options to take part in a 2 month internship in local/abroad or to apply for a 4 month cooperative educational program with industrial sector or institute for advanced research. Also, the exceptional graduate students from this program are specially recommended to pursue the master degree in information and communication technology for embedded systems (International Program). The examples of core courses in communication engineering program are

  • Electric Circuit Analysis
  • Computer Programming
  • Digital Circuits and Logic Design
  • Microprocessor/Embedded System Design
  • Digital Communications
  • Data Communications and Networks
  • Mobile Communications/ Satellite Communications
  • Digital Signal Processing/Image Processing
  • Applied Coding
  • Machine Learning for Image Applications
  • Etc.


Faculty members

One of the strength of this program is our outstanding number of Ph.D. faculty members including 15 associate professors and 18 assistant professors. All involved faculty members are actively working on both practical and theoretical researches. They have an experience on teaching in English. Many of them have been invited as lecturers in the International programs both locally and aboard.



The Electrical Engineering department is located in two buildings; Electrical engineering main building (building no. 2) and Chuchard Kumpu building (building no. 10). On both buildings, there are many classrooms, laboratories, common rooms and also faculty rooms.



Electrical Engineering - EIIR

Electrical Engineering - EIIR

Bachelor of Engineering Program in Electrical Engineering
(Energy Innovation and Intelligent Robotics - English Program)

(Program Structure , Course Plan, Course description )

The Department of Electrical Engineering at Kasetsart University has been committed to educating Thailand since 1969. To be a leader in today disruptive world, under International Undergraduate Program (IUP) - Faculty of Engineering, our new program entitled “Energy Innovation and Intelligent Robotics (EIIR)” is initiated to serve the purpose. EIIR program has been designed to train our students to be an engineer, who has hands on experience and are eligible to apply for “License for Professional Practice (Associate Electrical Engineer (Power))” issued by the Council of Engineers(COE), Thailand. Students will select to study in one of the following two tracks:
 “Energy Innovation” Track:
    Power consumption is on the rise globally and with no signs of slowing down. We are quickly moving into a future where energy management will become critical to the development of cities and economies. This track is to train our students on how to apply new technologies to efficiently manage the way we utilize energy in home, buildings and manufacturing. An energy management system with hardware and software will be developed. In addition, energy conservation measure development, renewable energy applications and internet of things (IoT) are also provided in this track.
“Intelligent Robotics” Track:
A decade ago, high-level robotics were only accessible by trained engineers and technicians working in high tech industries. But today, because of engineers, that same technology is available in our homes and in commercial building. It's part of our daily life. In this track, the basic components for building robots are focused to train our students to be robotic engineers with hardware design, manufacturing (CAD, CAM and 3D rapid prototyping) and also robot artificial intelligent (AI) skills. AI classes will focus on cutting edge technologies such as a computer vision, deep learning and machine learning.





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An internship experience in Germany by SKE Student

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Kasetsart University

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Faculty of Engineering

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International Undergraduate Program (IUP)

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